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2018 CONFERENCE SCHEDULE We encourage you to download this schedule and bring it with you to the conference, as a limited number of printed copies will be available. Thank you for helping us make this event as environmentally kind as possible!

2018 marks the mid-Atlantic’s fifth annual regional conference, designed to grow a supportive network of practitioners using contemplative practices in education, research, and community programs. Co-convened by eight major mid-Atlantic institutions of higher education, the conference explores how the academic community can work collaboratively to provide a more holistic workplace and student experience in all its facets.

Research has shown that contemplative practices – such as mindfulness meditation, centering, yoga, journaling and others methods of self-reflection – can:

  • Ease stress and anxiety
  • Enhance academic performance and development of the whole person
  • Support healthy coping mechanisms, among other potential benefits


Please consider joining us at the 2018 conference as we explore how contemplative practices promote resilience and create a truly holistic educational experience, benefiting both the individual and society.


Friday Conference:  Contemplative Practices for 21st Century Higher Education

A full day devoted to exploring and sharing what it takes to build resilient teams, leaders, and organizations. Join keynote speakers Barbara L.Fredrickson, PhD, Dr. Oliver Hill, PhD and Dr. David Nelson,PhD  as we investigate how to prosper during times of great challenge, change, and uncertainty.

Saturday Workshop: Contemplative Practices for 21st Century Higher Education

Today, more than ever, the academic community is experiencing contemporary and rapidly evolving challenges while navigating a volatile political climate, social     change, and evolving student expectations. What can faculty, students and administration do differently to have more meaningful and transformative conversations during times of high stress and tense experiences? The Saturday workshop with Shariff Abdullah will include active exploration of our perceived worldview to discover new and innovative ways to transform the conversations we are having on campuses and in our communities. Ultimately, this workshop will lead to strategies for having more empathic engagements – becoming contemplative and mindful leaders of a new society.

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